Writing Homework with Jupyter Notebook


Sometimes we need to submit the homework with equations and code, then the Jupyter Notebook will be a good choice.

Jupyter enable you use both markdown and the code in the same environment, that is, it is quite convenient to give a brief explanation to your code. From this perspective, Jupyter Notebook is beyond all the other development environments.

Here is an example of the Jupyter Notebook.

In Jupyter Notebook, there are two kinds of cells: markdown and code. In the markdown cell, you can write the explanantion such as some important equations. You can simply insert the equations in markdown cell by typing the equations within the $...$ or $$...$$ environment. Refer to [Link] for typing the mathematical expressions.

Actually, I think that Jupyter Notebook is designed to do the research-related work instead of being used as a development environment. It is not that efficient for one to develop a large-scale project.


Maybe there are many methods to install the Jupyter notebook. The official website of Jupyter Notebook suggested installing it using [Anaconda], then the jupyter notebook will be installed automatically. To launch the Notebook, all of what you need to do is to open the terminal or the Command Prompt and then type:

jupyter notebook


Julia is quite similar to Python and Matlab and is designed for researchers. To some extent, it combines the advantages of Python and Matlab, for example, the matrix calculation in Julia is much more friendly than that in Python. However, none of the environments for Julia is satisfactory. Maybe Jupyter Notebook is the best one.